To Another Year Well Spent


There were new problems to solve, lessons to learn, heartaches to heal, sleepless nights, sunny days and countless opportunities to become a better version of the woman I am.

When I sit back and reflect on this chapter of my life, I couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible highs, the humbling lows, and perhaps most of all—everyone who was along for the ride. I am so lucky to have you in this lifetime.

And without further adieu, this chapter’s list of highlights and lowlights includes:

-I lost someone
-I found myself
-I broke a finger
-I felt the consequences of running away instead of facing an issue head-on
-I learned closure.
-I worked hard to improve my mental health and the space around my heart
-I accepted a job offer and made strides in my career
-I joined Avtex Solutions’ “best team” and learned countless new things thanks to solid leadership & my top-notch team members.
-I focused on creating a life worth living.
-I shared business plans with Jon Walker
-I met so many incredible people who helped change my trajectory
-I ran a marathon after training for seven months
-I embraced Excel spreadsheets for planning purposes
-I got a 2nd tattoo
-I asked decent questions, had a few rhetorical ones & answered a handful of both
-I made my decisions more purposeful thanks to John Seeds’ great advice
-And I hugged the people close to me too
-I spent days at the beach and time in my hammock
-I moved into my own home and became financially independent
-I finished podcasts, audiobooks, one with a hardcover and have three others in progress
-I made progress towards authoring my own
-I dipped my toes in the ocean and hiked up a Rocky Mountain (thanks Samantha)
-I reconnected with old friends whom I’d missed dearly
-I mailed three packages, two letters, one birthday wish and delivered two thank you cards
-I swam in some great lakes
-I started out the year with belly laughs courtesy of Marshall Salisbury
-I traveled across the US
-I learned how to operate a sewing machine (thanks Deb)
-I found a flame keeper
-I spent more time saying I love you
-I lost my car keys on the Luce Line.
-I saw live music
-I swung a golf club (thanks Phil Fischer)
-I went back to church
-I dressed up for Halloween
-I tried camping!
-I practiced impulse control
-I saw the 007 movies
-I had a Cinderella moment at Goodwill and laced up my brand new pair of skates
-I reunited with family members I hadn’t seen in decades
-I learned how to play E major, D and G notes on a guitar
-I kissed my dog a million and one times
-I had fewer meltdowns and wasted less time cursing the universe
-I assembled my Great Grandma Bitzer’s spam salad (it wasn’t quite the same but a valid attempt nonetheless)
-I took my first yoga class of the year at a new studio
-I was mauled by a cat
-I made a difference in the world
-I popped pear bubbly

I celebrated a year well spent. And I want to say thank you to everyone who was along for the ride. I am very grateful to have known you in this life.

Special s/o to Joseph Anderson for keeping me caffeinated.

Cheers to the highs, the lows, and everything in between. The best is yet to come!

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